Erin Brown, Youth Ambassador, Added to Board of Directors


Erin Brown, center, with DYNA Youth Ambassadors at the 2015 Summer Chill



DYNA, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Erin Brown, a long time member of the Youth Ambassador program, to the Board of Directors. Erin holds a law degree from the University of Glasgow, and works for the group, an international provider of IT professional services. While her professional accomplishments will certainly make her an asset, it is her long-term commitment to the DYNA Youth Ambassadors program that has been invaluable for the organization, and will continue to be in her new role on the DYNA Board.

has been involved with DYNA for over ten years and has shown great leadership as a forum moderator and Youth Advisory Board member.
2015 marks the year that she has had NCS for more than half her life, yet she has not let the condition hold her back. She has a reputation within DYNA for being an avid "bootcamper," training for marathons as well as working a professional level job and becoming a mother. She has done all of this while still managing to stay active in the Youth Ambassadors program since joining in 2004. She lives in Scotland with her husband and young daughter.

Erin is very proud to bring a Youth Ambassador voice to the DYNA Board of Directors for the first time. For the organization, her addition to the Board is a success story that exemplifies the Youth Ambassadors program and the active role Youth Ambassadors are encouraged to take in promoting hope and awareness.