DYNA cares about dysautonomia patients

For more than a decade, DYNA has been positively impacting lives across the United States and beyond.  


It takes resources to provide our services

It takes resources to provide our numerous services. DYNA has a wealth of know-how and the passion to serve you and those that come after you, but the same is not true of our funding.

Your contribution or lack of it will determine the future of DYNA’s ability to continue to network medical professionals; to advance the research and treatment of dysautonomia conditions; to influentially advocate on behalf of all dysautonomia patients; to serve patients and to inspire youth onset/young adult patients to continue to pursue their life’s goals and desires.


Please care enough to give back to DYNA

The demand for DYNA services is great - people need DYNA.   The gracious and kind people before you made certain that DYNA would be here when you needed it by donating until it hurt. Please, now, commit to paying it forward. 

Your contribution, of any denomination, will make a huge difference in the success and direction of this organization. 

Without your help, we cannot succeed. It is up to you to care enough to pay it forward.  Please donate now.


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We will work with you if you wish to raise funds for DYNA. For information about formal fundraising, please see the “Standing Up” for Dysautonomia Patients Campaign and Fundraising Guidelines or call us.


Without your help - nothing will get better.  Please help!  Donate to DYNA!