DYNA Gives POTS Research Funding


What better way to start off awareness month than with a HUGE announcement?! We are so excited to announce that DYNA is sending out two large checks this week. Research funding checks are being sent to Dr. Blair P. Grubb in Toledo, OH and Dr. Phillip Fischer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. This is especially exciting for many reasons. The first is that these are two doctors who have supported us for many years. They are pioneers and leading doctors/ researchers in the field. They are compassionate and brilliant, and we greatly appreciate the time they give us to help answer questions and advise us when we have needed it most. We are also excited because this money shows the tremendous work that created our Ray of Hope Fund. Pauline Arama-Olsten and her daughter, Arlena, have worked tirelessly with Americana Manhasset and Michael Kors to raise funding and awareness. We never would have had the money to allocate without their help and the help of all those who supported Champions for Charity and other events over the last several years. Finally, it is with great pride that we say these are the LARGEST two checks sent for youth onset POTS research EVER! DYNA has come so far over the years, and we couldn’t be more proud of the lives we’ve changed, the great things our Ambassadors have done, and how far awareness has spread. We can’t wait to see the difference this research will have on this community and the lives it will impact. We’re starting October with a bang and need your help to finish strong! Please consider donating to DYNA’s everyday operating expenses. The Ray of Hope Fund is set aside specifically for research, so we still ask you to help in any small way you can if we have helped you or a loved one in any way! Visit https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp… to give.