Announcing the 2014 "Summer Chill" Patient/Caregiver Conference


Each year DYNA invites its membership, participating physicians, and families to participate in our private, member-only “Summer Chill” Conference. For privacy purposes and for the safety of our member population, the dates and location are not released to the public. 

The Summer Chill event is educational for our Youth Ambassadors, their families and physicians. The event provides an assortment of learning and bonding activities over a three day period. Perhaps most importantly, this event also provides an opportunity for socialization and some traditional life activities that many of our members miss out on due to their diagnosis. 

Many Youth Ambassadors and their families say that the Summer Chill event is a changing point in their lives.  We think they are telling the truth.  They return year after year and travel great distances for a reason. 

Youth Ambassadors may continue here for Summer Chill Guidelines.


2014's Theme is “Dysautonomia: Living Recovery”

This year our event theme is “Dysautonomia: Living Recovery.”  Along with informative lectures geared toward the youth population, we will be conducting sessions on internal, external and general wellness issues. 

Sesssions may include: exercise techniques, stress reduction, life coping skills, symptom management tips and lots of FUN!



Goofy Slipper Lecture on Dysautonomia

Each Summer Chill includes an informative lecture called our "Goofy Slipper" Lecture. The Goofy Slipper Lecture is a casual, informational session about dysautonomia conditions and will be conducted by Beverly Karabin, MSN, CNP, Ph D University of Toledo Medical Center Autonomic Disorders Clinic.

Why is it called a Goofy Slipper Lecture?

It is a TRADITION!  Each year, DYNA Youth Ambassadors wear silly looking slippers just for the fun of it.  This creates an atmosphere of fun and informality.  Some years, slippers have a theme but this year the slippers just need to be absolutely silly. 


Dinner Dance

Every Summer Chill concludes with a Dinner/Dance night where Youth Ambassadors can dress as fancy or casual as they would like.  Hasan Abdallah, MD of the Children's Heart Institute is our guest dinner speaker.